Why Nerdherder?


Where it’s cool to be a nerd and okay to be yourself!

All nerdy creativity encouraged!

Nerds are some of the coolest people!

Nerdherder > Redefining the term:

Nerd (adjective: nerdy)

is a descriptive term, often used complementary, indicating that a person is unique, overly intellectual, creative and fun.

Nerdherder > What type of brand:

Psychedelic Nerd’esk Lifestyle Brand

The concept was built to establish a foundation that strongly represents who we are as nerds! We are unique, fun, smart, creative individuals that need a network!

Nerdherder > Nerd Social Network

If you are anything like me than you most likely do NOT have a facebook, etc. Nerdherder has designed a complete social network for nerds to interact in a safe environment where we do not sell off or trade information with companies.

Check out the video stuff @Luke did for us! Thanks man!


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